Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo (Cover) - Kolkata Videos ft. Chandreyee

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo (Cover) - Kolkata Videos ft. Chandreyee

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Kolkata Videos presents its newest release – A cover of an extremely popular ghazal “Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo”. This song is one of our favorite, Originally written by Fayyaz Hashmi and sung by Farida Khanum.

This song was performed by several talented musicians including A.R. Rahman on MTV Unplugged & Strings for Coke Studio Pakistan. Our rendition of this song was produced by RJ Rayan and Sung by Chandreyee. Hope you all the feel the longing for your loved ones, as it portrayed in this video.

Cover Audio Credit:
Song: Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo (Cover)
Vocal: Chandreyee
Music Arrangement: Siddhartha Chatterjee (Kabu) & Prosenjit Biswas (Rana)
Mixing and Mastering: Gautam Bose
Recording: Studio Vibrations
Music Producer: RJ Rayan

Music Video Credit:
Production: Kolkata Videos
DOP: Alok Chowdhury
Direction & Cinematography: Alok Chowdhury
Editing: Alok Chowdhury
Art Direction: RJ Rayan
Merketing: Krishanu Chattopadhyay & Anindya Chowdhury

Original Song Credit:
Original Song: Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo
Singer: Farida Khanum
Lyricist: Fayyaz Hashmi

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